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All About Binders

What is a Binder?

Simply put, binders are garments designed to compress one’s chest. People bind for many reasons: chest binding can be part of one’s gender transition, gender play, or as part of post ‘top’ surgery recovery. Cis-gendered men often wear binders for gynecomastia. Regardless of why you’re looking for a binder (or chest compression vest), there are some good options out there and some simple guidelines to follow.

Health & Safety

We find that binding too tightly for too long can cause muscle compression and possibly limit lung capacity (with long-term use) and there is recent clinical information available that suggests the same. Bind as little as you can as loosely as you can, and try to find a binder that gives you adequate compression with a little room to breathe. Avoid binding during sleep, and only use the binder recommended by your surgeon if binding is part of your aftercare.

Binder Styles

We carry six chest binders from Underworks. They all fit very similarly, come in sizes ranging from XS to XXXL, and are usually available in white or black. We recommend washing your binder in cold water, and hanging to dry. If your binder stretches, a quick spin in the dryer should help restore its shape.

Binder Sizing

By measuring the midline of your chest, you can get the best sense of which binder will fit.