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All About Breast Forms & Pumps

Taking on the journey of investigating genders, orientations, and identities looks different to each of us. At CAYA, we work to carry products that serve to support this process many find gender-affirming prosthetics, tools, and clothing items can play an important part of exploration and actualization. We’ve listed a few examples of products that we carry below.

Breast Forms

Breast forms are prosthetic breasts that folks can wear. There are many different kinds of forms that range in quality, shape, material and some are contoured to create a smooth transition from body to form. There are two forms in a set, and they have been designed in an asymmetric fashion - there is a right form, and a left form. These forms are $150 for a set, and are available in vanilla as well as chocolate colour options.

Breast Form Bras

Forms can be held in place in a few ways. Some wear forms with bras purchased at lingerie boutiques or department stores. Some use double sided tape - we have tape designed for holding forms in place available for sale. There are also bras that have been explicitly designed to hold breast forms in place. The bra we currently have available is called the Transform See-Through Breast Form Bra. It is designed with a sheer front and a flap-style pocket enclosure for the form - this holds the form safely inside the bra, meaning there are fewer risks of wardrobe malfunctions or breast forms shifting uncomfortably throughout the day.

This chart can be used as a reference for both the Transform Breast Forms and Bras - using your torso measurement, explore different bra and form sizing options. While we don’t carry the entire line of Transform products, we do have many different options available!

Breast Pumps

For those who are taking hormones as part of their gender journey, we also have different sizes of breast pumps, which may be of interest. Breast pumping includes taking a hard plastic breast pump cylinder and placing it over the breast. A pump that has been attached to the cylinder is then used to remove air and create a vacuum inside the cylinder. This promotes blood flow and skin stretching to the breast being pumped with time and repetition (say 1⁄2 hour a day each day) the skin will continue to stretch and assist breast development. Some will also use pumping in preparation for breast surgery. We carry a number of different breast pump cylinders and pumps that can be used for this purpose. A breast pump cylinder is $75 and we have pumps ranging in price from $65 to $85.