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Landmark Post Surgical Chest Binder

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This binder is intended for folks who have booked appointments for chest surgeries. Certain surgeons require their clients to find a compression binder to use during the healing process after their chest surgery - and that's where this pal comes in, since the Underworks binders we offer aren't designed for post-surgery healing! Designed to be super stretchy, adjustable, and sturdy, this binder can be wrapped around the body and enclosed by Velcro during the post-surgery healing process. With a 9" length, and a few sizing options, this binder is the last one you're ever going to have to wrangle with! Made of nylon.

Hot tip: surgeons, when applying this binder after chest surgery, may make 'straps' out of sturdy cotton, which they will safety-pin to this binder to help keep it in place.

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