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New York Toy Collective Mid-Length Binder

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We are delighted to now be offering binders designed by New York Toy Collective and manufactured in the USA. They have been thoughtfully designed specifically for trans and gender variant folks looking to compress their chests. Some features of these binders include: increased mobility for arms and upper back, which offers a comfortable fit without compromising front compression. Low neck, which is friendly for button downs and v-necks. Additional stitching, for a finished look and durability. Moisture-wicking lining. The outside layer is designed to resemble a typical undershirt, offering a stealth design. 

Sizing (measure around widest point of chest):

• XSmall – 32-33″
• Small – 34-35″
• Medium – 36-37″
• Large – 38-40″
• XL  – 41-43″
• XXL  – 44-46″

Specifications for New York Toy Collective Mid-Length Binder

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

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Brenda MacLean

My teenage son bought his first binder locally in a store because he didn’t think he could by discreetly online, and it was before he came out to us. Now that he’s let us know he’s a trans youth, I was happy to buy another one for him. The packaging was discreet and if anyone needs that, this is your company. Also the price was good and shipping super fast. We will ship again. Thanks!

love it!!!

I'm not entirely sure if it fits correctly, but that would be my fault for not measuring properly... other than that, i am!!! so!!!!! happy!!!! The gender euphoria i feel when i wear it, super comfy, and it's not too restrictive either

Asher Artemis

New York Toy Collective Mid-Length Binder


Closer to 4 than 5, just because it does roll up a little. It's annoying but doesn't seem to be too noticeable, especially with more loose t-shirts.
I really, really liked it. I'm quite short, so my underworks full length binder was kind of annoying because it felt so long. In contrast this length was great, and the material was softer and more comfortable. Like I said, it does roll up, but it hasn't been a huge problem for me so far. I did order a size smaller than underworks as suggested and it fit really well, even if initially getting into it was a little snug. I highly recommend this binder and will be buying another one!

Comfy, runs big

I'm a 44" chest (narrow rib cage, large cup size), and am swimming in the XXL, but it actually works as a cute crop top, and still provides a few inches compression, so I'm keeping it and getting a smaller size as well.