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FUZE+ Dilators 5 Pack

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We’re delighted that the good folks who made our very first dilator set have re-released them under their sister company Fuze, which is based here in Ontario! Fuze Step dilators feature everything we’re looking for in a high-quality dilator, thanks to their dedication, hard work, and clinical trial at Queens University. Step dilators are flexible, and will bend with your body, while still holding their shape. They feature sturdy handles that are easy to grasp. They are made with a tapered tip, for easy insertion into the body. And, they’re machine made in the USA with medical grade silicone. These dilators are designed to assist folks experiencing vaginal pain, or folks recovering from genital surgery, or as an aide for Kegel exercisers. Also, these products do make for an excellent insertable graduated set for vaginal or anal penetration. Steps 1-3 are 100% solid silicone, which slowly increase in length and width. Steps 4 & 5 also increase in length & width, and further, they also feature a hollow base which has been designed as a space for a bullet vibrator. Order our kit of all five dilators, and receive a free bullet vibrator to go with!

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Abigail K
Solid dilators - no case and I ordered the wrong item

The dilators themselves are very solid. The material is soft, and the construction is firm enough that I have faith they'll go in easily, but soft enough that I don't expect it to feel stabby. As well, the vibe is ridiculously strong, and inserted into the dilator the vibration will absolutely get the job done.

One thing I was disappointed by was that the set doesn't come with any sort of case for the dilators. I was hoping there would be some kind of bag or uniform spot to put the set when not in use, but instead it is shipped in five individual plastic retail boxes; the kind that hang on racks in a store. Ended up dropping $10 on some microfiber glasses bags on Amazon which work well enough.

Also, and this is my fault, I didn't realize that my surgeons at GRS Montreal only have me using numbers 2, 3, and 4, so I wasted a little money getting 1 and 5. Not that they'll never see any use, but just something I didn't realize.

tl;dr 4/5, dilators themselves are really nice, but wish the set came with a spot to store them. Also, double-check which numbers you'll need because it might not be all 5.

Great for folks on T

Had these recommended to me by a friend, to help deal with atrophy as a result of long-term T therapy. I ended up needing medication to supplement my work with the dilators, but the dilators alone helped a whole lot and also helped reduce a lot of the dysphoria I was having around penetration. Highly recommend to any guys out there having either psychological or physical difficulty (or both) with penetration! These dilators are high quality, durable and 'fun'-looking (e.g. nobody's going to look at them and think they look clinical).

Nannu Aujla

Recommend by a physiotherapist and hoping for the best.

I had incredible difficulty with vagina penetration. These things are great.

I had incredible difficulty with vagina penetration. These things are great. I started with getting in a small OB tampoon and then moved up to Exerciser 1 and have progressed up to exerciser 4. They are easy to use, work well with water based lube and are so easy to clean and put away. The variety of sizes (diameter and lengths) help ensure that there is progression. For anyone that has difficulty with penetration, I would recommend you give these a shot.

These dilator were perfect at helping me get back to a manageable vaginal depth. I couldn't have ...

Due to scheduling and neglect on my part, I lost a lot of depth post surgery. These dilator were perfect at helping me get back to a manageable vaginal depth. I couldn't have done it without them!