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Form Function Slingshot STP Harness

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This harness has been designed by Form Function to work with their wearable STP devices - the Model A and Model D Sport. A simple vinyl panel securely holds the packer up against the genital area to ensure it stays in place during wear. The straps wrap around the thigh (where the leg meets the torso, approximately where a pair of briefs would end), and are made of an elastic material.

Approximate waist sizing:
XS: 24-28"
Small: 28-32"
Medium: 32-36"
Large: 36-42"
XL: 42-48"

Approximate leg sizing
XS: 14-17"
Small: 17-20"
Medium: 20-24"
Large: 24-28"
XL: 28-32"

Specifications for Form Function Slingshot STP Harness

Made of Plush elastic
Made in USA
Weight: 18g

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Poor Quality

For the cost, I do not feel it worth it. When it came, it already had strings from the elastic that I needed to trim. After a few wearings, the second hole through which the scrotum passes through had ripped and widened. The quality of the materials used is just very poor. I bought it to use with the Form Function STP. I am currently looking at other products to replace it.

Great for a packer

This is technically for an STP, I use it for just a plain packer (the Pierre). I feed the shaft through the top hole of the harness, similar to the how to use directions for an STP, and it holds the packer well. It holds the position on your body quite well also. The thing that took me a while to figure out is that you wear this harness like a G-string. I actually really like that on a sensory level because "boy" underwear feels like nothing

Decent but not as pictured

I use this with a size small Pierre packer and find it reasonably comfortable and very secure. I usually put the packer in a Joey pouch or modified sock to keep the back of the Pierre from directly touching my skin, since no amount of cornstarch powdering seems to keep it from pulling uncomfortably. But about the harness: what I got is made entirely out of elastic strap material, not like the picture where it has a fabric piece and an o-ring. Instead I have a horizontal gap between two elastic pieces to thread the shaft through. Not sure if it will eventually saw away at the base of the shaft but for now it's fine.

Thank you so much for letting us know about the issue with the accompanying photo! We've gone ahead and updated the image. So sorry for the confusion!

Pat T
A game changer.

Getting this harness for my STP is going to be a game changer. Once you get the STP placed properly in the strap, it sits and holds exactly where it is supposed to, making it much more natural looking. Thank you for the great products. They all help make the transition process so much easier.

Allen Smith
Works Great

I’m still learning how to properly pack, especially with an STP as they’re a bit trickier. But the harness has definitely helped keep it in a more comfortable place and been convenient when I need to use it quickly!