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New York Toy Collective STP & Packer Strap

Regular price $38.00

NYTC has now released their own packing strap, and, we couldn’t be happier with it! Not only does it perfectly hold their Sam STP in place, but, it’s a simple design that can be easily used to hold many other brands of packers in place, not just NYTC's bestselling Archer or Pierre. Made with sturdy elastic, and, designed to be worn at top of the thigh, this strap also has two loops installed, so, the wearer can either pack with their shaft pointing up OR down! For correct sizing, measure the circumference at the very, very top of your thigh, where the leg opening of tightie whiteys would be.  Packer sold separately, obvs.

XXS: 14-15"
XS: 16-18"
Small: 19-21"
Medium: 22-24"
Large: 25-28"
XL: 29-32"
XXL: 33-37"

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