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Spareparts Pete Commando Packing Strap

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For the times when you wish you could just go commando, but still need somewhere to put your packer, SpareParts' Pete Commando Harness is sure to do the trick! With an elastic loop on the inside of the packer pouch to keep everything securely in-place, this harness lets you keep everything front-and-center or allows you to lean a little to the left or right (especially with the larger packers). Comfortable, durable and machine washable!

Spare Parts harnesses are made in a sweatshop-free, fair wage environment in the USA, and much more durable and better made than other similar looking harnesses (we're looking at you rodeoh!)

Specifications for Spareparts Pete Commando Packing Strap

Made of Nylon, Spandex
Made in USA

Customer Reviews

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So comfy!!!


So comfy!!!

Tobius Holmes

Well let's start off with the best, shall we? First off it arrived in very discreet packing, no one could tell what the package was, which in my neighbourhood is a damn good thing because around here if you are anything but straight up straight it is likely going to end up with a knife in your back or a good beating!
Second, wow, a lot more comfortable than the other one I had from a different company, and it fits a bit big but I like that because I like a little room since I use a wheelchair.
So all in all, damn happy with it, very happy indeed!
Thank you Gender Gear, your the best


Keeps everything in place and i can hardly feel it while I workout. Great for not worrying about my packer’s position or it falling out.

Ezekiel Masters
Love this jockstrap

I've had this strap for at least 3 years now, and I absolutely love it. Even after constant use, washing, and heavy workouts the elastic is still good and holds tight to my body. I work an extremely physical job and have never had an issue, it stays put.