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Underworks Hip Buster Brief - 928

Regular price $56.00

The 'masc version' of our Booty Spanxxx, this set of mid-leg briefs is all constriction ALL OF THE TIME. They are designed to straighten the lines of hips and bums, working basically as a binder for the bottom half of the body. They're available for anyone who's interested (of course!), but we've picked these up specifically with trans men / FTM / genderqueer folk seeking masculinizing lower-body clothing in mind. Oh, and if you're on the cusp between two sizes, we'd definitely recommend sizing up - these shorts have very little give, and fit extremely snugly. To accommodate this, Underworks has actually designed the crotch of these to allow users to pee while wearing them... How convenient!


  • Small 31" - 33"
  • Medium 34" - 36"
  • Large 37" - 40"
  • XL 41" - 44"
  • 2X 45" - 48"
  • 3X 49" - 52"