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Doc Johnson Pack It Heavy Packer

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These days, it seems like everyone and their mother makes a packer. Well, now that I think about it, it would be really cool if my mom made packers. Anyhow, this lovely packer from the folks at Doc Johnson is soft-and-squishy in a Mr Limpy kinda way and it comes in a couple of colours. It isn't too huge, but definitely makes an impression. Works in all of yer usual packing straps.

Specifications for Doc Johnson Pack It Heavy Packer

Made of Elastomer
Made in USA
Dimensions: 5.5" x 1.5"
Weight: 174g
Phthalate-free: Yes
Latex-free: Yes

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
James P

My gf bought me this packer from this website for Christmas. At first i LOVED it! I loved the way it felt to the touch, so did she, ;) and I loved how I felt wearing it. It was very soft and looked very natural. It was by far my favourite packer!
Then it started to rip at the base of the shaft. It wasnt long before the dick was nearly ripped right off the balls.. Its very soft and pliable therefore very comfortable but obviously cant hold up to normal wear in a packer strap. I was devastated. I tried to get it replaced via Doc Johnson's warranty but you have to send them $10 USD to send you a replacement. ???
If youre looking for an everyday packer, dont buy this one...

Oh, no! I'm so sorry you had this experience. We do offer an in-house warranty, so definitely get in touch so we can replace this for you!

Colour Not As Advertised

I could’ve sworn I had already written a review for this product, but I guess not.

The colour of the “vanilla” skin tone is completely different in person. I know colour can vary slightly depending on the device or monitor you’re viewing on, but the packer I revived is straight up orange. Very disappointing and makes me feel disconnected, even dysphoric. :/

Larger than advertised

I bought this particular packer as it’d be closer to a length I could get with Phalloplasty. I wanted to get used to wearing clothes with a phallus that was on the larger side while flaccid. Unfortunately, though, this packer is a bit larger than advertised. Other than that, there are no issues and the product is well-made.

J. Elders

Company is great and shipment arrived quickly. The Doc Johnson is a really nice looking and feeling dick with some realistic veins and head.

I knew it would be bigger than my old one, but it is really hefty. I haven't worn it out alot, still trying to figure out how/where I want to as it feels too big for my old Aslan strap and fits differently in underwear. Might suggest a joey pouch?

Highly recommend for a noticeable bulge and can't go wrong with that price. Happy with this purchase. Enjoy!

Makes an impression

Really pleased with this guy! It did what I wanted it to do which was leave a distinct bulge that could be seen through some shorts! It was a bit weighted in terms of being able to comfortably pack with it on a daily basis versus for fun intimate moments.
Soft to touch, one colour toned and has some nice simple detailing that it looks a bit realistic. The material itself like most packers I wouldn't say is durable but it works well for occasional use. I really enjoy it for the effect and it's heftiness!