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Doc Johnson Heavy Packer

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These days, it seems like everyone and their mother makes a packer. Well, now that I think about it, it would be really cool if my mom made packers. Anyhow, this lovely packer from the folks at Doc Johnson is soft-and-squishy in a Mr Limpy kinda way and it comes in a couple of colours. It isn't too huge, but definitely makes an impression. Works in all of yer usual packing straps.

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Morgan C
A heavy Unit

I'm thrilled with this packer. It's what I wanted and the only issue I ran into is the harness I purchased separately didn't hold him as securely as I wanted. If you're getting this packer I recommend a harness with an O ring to keep the base of the shift flush against your body.


It’s my first packer and I think I really owned the whole “go big or go home” thing here lol. It’s really great, affirming for sure. I haven’t figured out if I want to leave THAT big of an impression when I’m out of the house with it yet, but I love wearing it around the house.

Gabrielle Massicotte
Loved it but I ruined it

Unfortunately the packing jock strap i bought with it was too wide at the ring, but when I tried wrapping a sock around the base I made the mistake of using a rubber band that cut through the packer. I noticed way too late as it was hanging by a thread 😞. I should have bought a ring adapter or something. Just wanted to let people know when combining packing straps.

Very healthy but I loved it so much! I was getting dysphoric about my small mr Limpy for some reason and this helped with my size dysphoria for sure!

Larger than advertised

I bought this particular packer as it’d be closer to a length I could get with Phalloplasty. I wanted to get used to wearing clothes with a phallus that was on the larger side while flaccid. Unfortunately, though, this packer is a bit larger than advertised. Other than that, there are no issues and the product is well-made.

J. Elders

Company is great and shipment arrived quickly. The Doc Johnson is a really nice looking and feeling dick with some realistic veins and head.

I knew it would be bigger than my old one, but it is really hefty. I haven't worn it out alot, still trying to figure out how/where I want to as it feels too big for my old Aslan strap and fits differently in underwear. Might suggest a joey pouch?

Highly recommend for a noticeable bulge and can't go wrong with that price. Happy with this purchase. Enjoy!