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Doc Johnson

Doc Johnson Lite Packer

Doc Johnson Lite Packer

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These days, it seems like everyone and their mother makes a packer. Well, now that I think about it, it would be really cool if my mom made packers. Anyhow, this lovely packer from the folks at Doc Johnson is soft-and-squishy in a Mr Limpy kinda way and it comes in a couple of colours. It isn't too huge, but definitely makes an impression (see the Heavy Packer for a bit more size). Works in all of yer usual packing straps.

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Customer Reviews

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Love it but be careful with dark clothing

This is a great, cheap packer. It feels very smooth and looks pretty realistic. However, if you prefer to have a dick that is roughly the same skin colour as yours, be careful with this thing around dark clothing! It is porous af, so especially if you're wearing new clothing, the dye from the clothes can seep into the packer. This happened to me just today, and I now have literal blue balls lol. I tried washing it out with soap and water but no luck :( Oh well, it's still an awesome packer!

Great so far!

Exactly as described. I wish it was a little bit smaller, because even this is a bit big for a first packer (for reference I am 5'8" ish and about 175 lbs). Has a GREAT feel to it. The other review mentions that the back is cupped, but mine isn't? It's flat, I wish it were cupped, it would sit better!

It comes with a very small packet of "refresh powder" which is nice but it only good for maybe 2-3 refreshes tops. Then I switched to corn starch and it's been fine :)

Amazingly gender affirming!

Hi! We're so glad you loved your packer. The moulds for the Pack-it Heavy and the Pack-It Lite are very slightly different - we wish that the cupped back was intentional, but it is quite small and seems to be a manufacturing difference. Good catch on the corn starch! Once your refresh powder sample is finished corn starch is a wonderful and product-safe substitute.