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Dr Bronner's Unscented Soap 8oz

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We're not big fans of most toy cleaners. They're usually either mild soaps that have been re-marketed so they can cost more money (ugh), or they have anti-bacterial ingredients included in their recipes. We've always felt that we feel a gentle, preferably unscented soap is all you need to keep your gear clean and we love the unscented Dr Bronners for this purpose.

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Favourite soap for toys!

I love using this soap for all my toys, as I don't have to worry about scents interfering with my body, or ingredient interactions with my silicone toys. Only a little bit of soap is needed to get toys clean, even when using a persistent lubricant like coconut oil, so the bottle lasts a really long time! I don't plan on using anything else as a "daily" toy cleaner.

household and toy essential!

I've been using Dr Bronners soap for years for all kinds of uses including cleaning my sex toys. I have very sensitive skin and I like this soap as its simple, scent free and gentle yet effective. A little goes a long way as well so a bottle lasts a long time.

household and sex toy essential!

I've been using this soap for years for many things including cleaning my toys. I have very sensitive skin and body and this is the only cleanser I feel comfortable using. Cheap, safe and effective - can't go wrong!

Love this soap!

This soap is super gentle and cleans up quick. My body is sensitive and I've had issues after using toys that had been washed in other types of cleansers. You can use Castile for literally everything so it's a great multipurpose product! Only drawback for me is that it (very strangely) has religious packaging with Christian scripture and quotes on it which was unsettling and off-putting for me.

simple is best!

Dr Bronner's is terrific soap and all one needs