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Form Function Slingshot STP Harness

Regular price $41.00

This harness has been designed by Form Function to work with their wearable STP devices - the Model A and Model D Sport. A simple vinyl panel securely holds the packer up against the genital area to ensure it stays in place during wear. The straps wrap around the thigh (where the leg meets the torso, approximately where a pair of briefs would end), and are made of an elastic material. STP sold separately.

Approximate waist sizing: 
XS: 24-28"
Small: 28-32"
Medium: 32-36"
Large: 36-42"
XL: 42-48"

Approximate leg sizing
XS: 14-17"
Small: 17-20"
Medium: 20-24"
Large: 24-28"
XL: 28-32"

Made of nylon.


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