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Perfect Fit Kiss-X

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Buck Angel and Perfect Fit have been busy bees collaborating on a line of toys designed with trans men, FTM, and genderqueer people in mind. They’ve released the Kiss-X: a stroker that follows the success of the BuckOFF, but, with a snugger design. Made with stretchy cyberskin, this masturbation sleeve features ribbing along the inside of this toy - a great feature that will offer extra texture during use! This toy features an at-rest diameter of 1/4” - great for offering a snug fit for many people’s dicks / clits, since the Kiss-X can easily stretch to a width of 3/4” of an inch or much wider! The depth of this toy is 2” at rest.

Specifications for Perfect Fit Kiss-X

Made of Elastomer
Made in China
Weight: 36g
Phthalate-free: Yes

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Not for me

I tried to made this work, but the opening was way too small. Didn't work for my body type

First timer
Alittle disappointed

This product was very hyped but I think it was alittle disappointing. Not alot of suction and its made for smaller pre t peeps.

Might try shot pocket

Mia Val
Pre-T Post-T

First used this pre-T and would recommend! Not like anything I'd tried before. Took a bit to figure out the technique with the suction and getting it to stay on, but once I got that down, it was great! Def helped with the dysphoria feelings I was having. Post low-dose T and some growth, it's easier to get it to stay on and feels more intense.


I got this before i started t and it felt pretty good so if youre thinking about getting it before T, it could work for you but it is for sure anatomy specific. To be honest i wish the hole was just a little bit bigger tbh! But overall I really like it.

Some Giraffe
Good, but...

I fits, so I sits, as the saying goes...
But I found the learning curve for this toy a bit steep.
The right level of lube is a thing to experiment with.
I also found that if I kind of rolled back the entrance before insertion, it... uh... attaches better. Like a strange, bulbous condom of pleasure, I guess?
(you're welcome)