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Mr Fenis STP

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A reliable STP is hard to find! We have tested countless products that have left our brave stand-to-pee reviewers covered in pee, unimpressed with the material, or frustrated with having to wear a harness all day. While this STP is not harness compatible, it is a silicone, semi-realistic product that is hollow. As such, it has generous reservoir space for collecting urine, and a wide urethral opening. Perfect for camping or anytime you need a simple hand-held STP for every day use.

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Great product

My teen loves this STP. He found it easy to use and a comfortable fit. A great first timer product. He currently uses it at home only as he doesn't feel like it's a product that would stay in place. It's also not stealthy enough for him to confidently use it at school. Perhaps with practice that may change.

Hands down, the most reliable when it comes to a clean flow.

Hands down, the most reliable when it comes to a clean flow. Also, a low cost way to enter the STP world. It's lightweight and discrete. However, if you want the feel of "junk" in your hands (and in your pants)this product won't offer that. Cheers.

Good starter stp for the price

This is good for the price and perfect for me to transition from the more rigid "SheWhiz" stp which works well but I wanted something more phallic. However, as an average height chonky boy with a big bladder capacity I found the reservoir a bit small and narrow and if I am not careful to slow down while urinating... then its easy to overflow. It takes some shower practice to figure how to lean into it but once you find that angle it works well and really helps me feel "right"! I don't think the appearance or texture is very life like but I still find the soft silicone very pleasing to handle and I appreciate the way it warms up if squished in a pocket or jock, its probably too angular to pack with though. As far as production quality the seams where the moulded pieces sere joined are not very finished on my specimen are slightly unfinished looking but I'm satisfied with it because of how affordable it is. The adhesives left some dribbly marks and texture on the outside that I can't help but notice that sort of thing but it doesn't detract from my appreciation for this nicely priced silicone stp!