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New York Toy Collective Pierre Packer

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Pierre is the first widely available and affordable uncircumcised packer that we're aware of. With New York Toy Collective's trademark beautiful and detailed texturing, and many different tones to choose from, these packers are destined to fill many people's pants like no packer has before!

Specifications for New York Toy Collective Pierre Packer

Made of Silicone
Made in USA
Dimensions: 4.5" x 1.5"
Weight: 190g
Phthalate-free: Yes
Latex-free: Yes

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
High quality product but not right for me

I got regular size. Way more firm and solid than I was expecting/hoping for, closer to my Tantus dildos than to the Mr Limpy. I'm relatively short (164cm) so between the firmness and size it's a prominent bulge. I prefer to pack up/sideways with the Limpy, but the Pierre is so solid and springy that it strains against my pants and looks way too bonerish, so I pack down and tuck the tip backward. My other main issue is that the balls are so wide that they chafe my thighs after 4 hours of wear. Even through underwear, I get blisters. One thing I do like is that it's weighted well, shaped well, and stays in place by itself - maybe that's the tradeoff for extra firmness. I've trimmed the balls down and it'll do for now, but I'm still looking for my dream packer.

Excellent packer for that price range, high quality.

My favorite packer so far.
It's comfortable and has a nice texture. The details on this packer are quite realistic. I had been looking for an uncircumcised packer for a while and this one is great.

I wear it with tight boxer briefs and it just stays right in place so you don't need a packing strap. I'm an active guy and I can go for a run without being afraid it'S gonna flip or move around like with the previous packer I was using.

It's a good size but creates a realistic bulge. I was afraid that it would be too big and look like a boner all the time but it doesn't.

Excellent packer for that price range, high quality.

The price is really excellent for the quality you're getting!

Hey a 5'5, 115 pound trans*guy here, I purchased the NYTC Pierre packer in caramel, which has a somewhat grey tinge to it that actually matches my skin tone really well. This was my second commercial packer (my first was a much larger option for pack & play), I wanted something in silicone because I wanted a sterilizable and sturdy packer for every day use. What really influenced my purchase was my excitement at finally finding an uncut model.

The packer itself is gorgeous and fits pretty comfortably in briefs, boxer briefs or in boxers with the help of a packing harness. I definitely recommend some tight fitting underwear to help hold it in place if you don't use a harness, and it packs super well in jeans, which I found gave me the most natural bulge. The Pierre is definitely firmer than something like the Mr. Limpy and could definitely be perceived as a half hard on/full boner if squeezed through clothes but NYTC silicone is still delightfully soft and squishy to touch. The silicone used for the Pierre isn't sticky or tacky like cyberskin or similar materials and it retains a really pleasant level of body heat that isn't sweaty during long term wear (though you could give the flat back a light dusting of cornstarch if you're gonna be wearing it against your skin/or you have a lot of hair down there to minimize the grabby nature of silicone and spare yourself the discomfort of your packer tugging at your pubes). The shaft on the Pierre can definitely feel a little long for some but it works well with the overall construction of the packer and never felt unbalanced or too heavy during wear. The details on the Pierre are gorgeous, the folds of skin really add to the realism without being overwhelming, the balls also feature really nice very realistic folds and a slightly bumpy texture, which would make these balls the most realistic I've yet to see on a packer of this kind if they weren't so symmetrical in size.

Final Verdict:
The price is really excellent for the quality you're getting! I highly recommend the Pierre for anyone who's already experimented/comfortable with packing and is looking for a really good uncut option for daily wear.

P.S. Don't feel intimidated by the size if you're on the slimmer/smaller size! I'm not a big guy by any means and I felt super confident rocking the Pierre.

Looks long and girthy, but it's well-behaved in the pants!

When I first unwrapped the Pierre, I thought it might be too big for me. However, the relatively flat balls are a good size for my packing pouch, and because the shaft hangs straight down, it creates a bulge that's discreet in my trousers.

Today was my second day wearing it, and it was totally comfortable. I feel like I don't need to adjust very much, nor be self-conscious about how everything's sitting.

The quality of the material is obvious just by touching it and looking at it. It was sticky out of the bag, as I expected, but some cornstarch took care of that!

I'm 5'2", 160 pounds, and use Joey packing pouches with briefs or boxer-briefs. My point of comparison for the Pierre is my first packer, the X-Small Mr. Limpy.

"Packs" a Punch!

All considering this being my first packer i wouldn't change it for the world. its heafty and dense enough to give you the feeling of having something significant in your pants, while not overly looking like you are rocking a hard on.

I personally use a packing pouch i made, but otherwise a tight pair of underwear can keep it nice and snug against your body! its comfortable, easy to clean, and a well rounded packer for the price you are paying.