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Preloved Binders

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We've been running a binder recycling program for almost a full decade now, and we couldn't be more pleased to make our program accessible to folks across the country via the internet!  Please note that styles vary and sizes are measured in inches around the chest just below the armpit.  Post-surgical binders are listed as such, and all other preloved binders are traditional pull-on style compression vests.

To measure your own body for our used binders, simply use a tape measure to measure the widest point of the chest. You can then choose a binder that is similar in size to this measurement. We'd recommend choosing a binder that is slightly smaller (one to three inches) than the measurement you've taken.

Looking for a size we don't have in stock?  Encourage folks to donate the binders they don't wear anymore, and for each binder donated, we'll provide a $10 gift card

Please note that this recycling program is only available in Canada! USA friends, please do suggest to your fave shops & community organizations to start a similar program! Used binders for all!

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