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Shotpocket Pleasure Sleeve

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Finally, a Pleasure Sleeve made for trans guys, and it's 100% silicone! This sleeve is designed for trans men and transmasculine folk who have been on testosterone and experienced some growth downstairs. To use, make sure to place a bit of lubricant into the sleeve. The Shot pocket will create a suction, and with a ribbed core, it feels pretty freaking awesome! Great for solo or couple play. This sleeve is made from medical grade platinum silicone, making it non-porous, none toxic and body safe.

Specifications for Shotpocket Pleasure Sleeve

Made of Silicone
Made in Canada
Weight: 40g
Phthalate-free: Yes
Latex-free: Yes

Customer Reviews

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iso macminn

Shotpocket Pleasure Sleeve

Eli Nolan
a satisfying stroker!

what a bang for your buck here — such a good little toy if you’re on a budget. i’ve been able to get great suction to the point of walking around with this thing on for an hour +.... the ribs inside are very smooth and provide a great stimulation without being too overwhelming. would definitely recommend if you’re on T and have seen some bottom growth — but even if not though, i find the suction helps pump it up a little thicker after using it for a while. very nice toy!

It works!

I admit it took a few tries to get this working in my favour, but damn was the practice worth it because now I know how to make this little helper work just right. A whole different kind of orgasm compare to the other ways a guy might get off.

I am a bit bigger thanks to natural physiology and two decades on T. Fitting into this when aroused is snug but it works. Not so some other toys selling for 3x the price.

Cleaning is easy — just soap and water and remember to turn it inside out to fully dry. Flip it back and you’re good to lube up and go again.

I would love this in another colour but that’s just wishing out loud. At this price it is a great little friend to keep me entertained.

solo player
Good, would be great if I had more downstairs meat

Easy to use and care for, and a great accompaniment to vibrator play, but not enough snugness or suction to get me off by itself. I have been on T for 18 months and only experienced a little bottom growth, so maybe folks who have more to work with in that department will have greater success (or suck-cess, as the case may be). It sure got me excited to try similar toys for folks with smaller below-the-belt fun-time appendages, though!

Tommy Molnar
A fun time

This sleeve is fun, and well worth the price. I have a lot of growth as I am post op bottom surgery and have been on t for many years now. I was concerned it might be geared towards smaller guys but it works quite well for those with bigger dicks too. Some reviewers here found the suction more intense than I did. Ideally I'd prefer a bit more suction but this a great product for the price.