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Underworks Cotton Binding Top Chest Binder - 975

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Similar in design to the Tri-Top, this binder falls to about the belly-button area, and features the same basic shape and feel. It is made with one layer of a sturdy binding nylon/spandex material, and one layer of a poly/cotton blend. Designed to be reversible, this means that the binder can be worn with the cotton against the skin (cozy!) or facing out, imitating the look of an undershirt. Also: no seams! If you’re seeking a more comfy alternative to the Tri-top, this binder is for you!

Powerful medical grade 70% Nylon and 30% spandex knit shell lined with cotton spandex blend.

Binder Sizing: With arms down on side, take a snug measurement around the fullest part of your chest. All measurements below are in inches.

XS: 28 - 31"
Small: 32 - 35"
Medium: 36 - 39"
Large: 40 - 43"
XL: 44 - 47"
2XL: 48 - 51"
3XL: 52 - 55"

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
A very comfy binder

I don't think I've ever called a binder "comfy" before. This has become my go-to lounging binder, worn with cotton side facing in. I love it.

It's not the absolute most flattifying binder there is, but the comfort to flatness ratio is amazing.

In Between Sizes

My mother bought this for me shortly after I came out. Unfortunately I'm in between sizes right now, a 2x would be too small for my ribs and the 3x doesn't bind as well as I like. I really do like it though! It flattens my DDs a couple inches, which is all I need to feel a little less dysphoric. It does ride a bit up throughout the day, but I imagine you could come up with a strap to keep it from riding up. I would definitely reccomend these binders, and I'd love to try another style.

Great first time binder for a 36F chest

I've been wanting to try a binder for a while, but wasn't sure how good it would be for a 36F chest. I'm happy to report that while it doesn't flatten them out entirely, it does a great job at holding them down and smoothing down my torso. I have a better centre of balance and feel so much more comfortable doing day-to-day things - not just because I don't feel my chest bounce, but from the confidence of feeling more at home in my body. Bonus: it doesn't put weight on the shoulders so I've been feeling a lot less neck and back pain since wearing it.

A note on size/style: I went with the Underworks Cotton instead of the Trip-Top for comfort reasons, and can agree with the other reviews that it probably fits a little big (I got a large), but the comfort is exactly what I was hoping for. No constriction of breathing and the material is super soft. I'll definitely try the Tri-Top as soon as I can afford a second one, but for now I'm more than satisfied. Absolutely recommend. Wish I'd done this years ago.

Thank you

First time binder. Came fast and discreet. Works well. Cheers.

Good Replacement

I bought this binder as a replacement for another I bought from a competing brand (we all know the one). I ordered a size up, just to be safe, and while it is slightly big (unsurprisingly), it still bends quite well.

I have to push my breasts up in my other binder, in order for it to flatten my chest, but this one I have to let them lay where they want to. If I don’t, and I push them up, the bump is more prominent. Weird, but that means I have to spend less time getting my chest to look how I want it to.