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Underworks Ultimate Binder - 997

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Of all the Underworks Chest Binders we carry, the Ultimate binder is, well, pretty ultimate. It is a full length binder made of two layers of nylon & spandex that binds all the way down to the hip- meaning not only does it bind the chest, but the belly and hips too. Folks love it for straightening all kinds of lines, however, it is also the most constrictive binder we stock. Additionally, it is also the binder most likely to ride up the torso, but you can cut it to length or just tuck it into your pants or underwear to prevent this. 

Made from medical grade 70% nylon and 30% spandex knit, that conforms to your body and moves with you, the tank binder is full length and can be tucked in to your trousers.

Binder Sizing: With arms down on side, take a snug measurement around the fullest part of your chest. All measurements below are in inches.

XS: 28 - 31"
Small: 32 - 35"
Medium: 36 - 39"
Large: 40 - 43"
XL: 44 - 47"
2XL: 48 - 51"
3XL: 52 - 55"

Specifications for Underworks Ultimate Binder - 997

Made of Nylon, Spandex
Made in USA

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 67 reviews
Angele Labelle

Great binder, fits perfectly. Love it so much 😍

this is actually a fine binder

If you are not that tall, this might be a little too long. As a binder though, this is more comfortable than what you think... still... not that comfortable ... but fine.

Trans guy
Does not bind the stomach

I bought a full length binder because I thought it would compress the chest area and the belly part, but it only compressed my chest. Even thought it didnt hide my stomach it worked super well to hide my chest! But I don't recommend getting a full length binder because it can get pretty hot and sweaty during the day if you plan to move in it a lot, and it can get annoying to pull down with half of it being thin fabric but the other top half being super tight. Over all what i have to say is if you want to do activity in a binder get the half length ones!

Courtney Mandrusiak

I was surprised at how comfortable this binder was when I put it on. I'm short so it's a bit long, but it does a great job with binding!

By Far, the Best Binder

I have been buying this binder for seven years now and only have had to replace it a few times. Sure, it rolls up a fair amount at the hips because for me, it is a bit too long for my torso (and I am a compact dude) but other than that, I cannot be more happy. It binds so well down to the hips. It makes me feel confident and almost eliminates any bulge from my chest (and I have D cups). Would recommend!