What is an STP?

An STP is a device that enables the user to Stand To Pee in public washrooms or in the privacy of their own home! Some folks find that being able to use public urinals without detection (‘passing’) is integral to their identity or safety, and some just like the convenience of easily being able to urinate while standing.

How to Choose an STP

We offer a variety of silicone STP products. Our products range in price and functionality – we think they all have something to offer! 

Form Function Number One / Mr. Fenis

both the Number One and Mr. Fenis are often referred to as handheld STPs, meaning that - you guessed it - they need to be held against the body by hand while the user is peeing. Either of these STPs can be tucked against a waistband, or, stored in a pocket or bag when not in use. However, their design doesn’t lend itself well to storing these ‘in place’ inside underwear. These STPs do the trick, however, they aren’t the most convenient for using stealthily in public places. That being said, Mr. Fenis is an inexpensive design that can be a fabulous choice when exploring if this style of product is for you. Also, it’s Canadian-made!

New York Toy Collective Sam:

Sam is a packer that enables the user to stand to pee in public washrooms, or in the privacy of their own home! This STP packer is designed to be held in place simply with tight undies, with no special harness required- although it is compatible with our Tomboi and Tomboii harnesses. Some readjustments will be necessary throughout the day, and, before peeing – this isn’t necessary a weird thing, since everyone needs to readjust their package sometimes!

Form Function STPs:

The Form Function STPs we carry feature both circumcised and uncircumcised versions, along with two different sizing options. The Model A features a larger design, with the Model D Sport offers a bit of a smaller, more compact package. Regardless of the size you choose, the reservoirs of both these models appear to be the same size. Designed to be worn with the Form Function Slingshot Harness, this STP packer fits up snugly against the urethral area, and stays in place pretty well, thanks to the Slingshot’s ingenious design!

Be sure to check out our article, "All about Packing Straps, STP Straps, Harnesses, and Pouches" to learn more about the gear that can hold STPs in place!

How to Use an STP

Regardless of the device you choose, it’s a good idea to get acquainted with your new gear before making your public debut. For a lot of folks, this means bringing their STP into the shower and seeing how everything works! Next, while you’re still at home or somewhere private, try using your STP (and any extra supports you might be using- like straps or harnesses) to urinate into the toilet while standing. You’ll want to make sure that you’ve got a good seal – this can be achieved by cradling the STP against the body when urinating. Further, you’ll want to learn how to control the flow of your urine, to avoid overflows! Be patient and practice – these skills will be critical when you’re in a urinal without backup pants! 

Care and Cleaning

All of the STPs we carry are made of silicone. Silicone is durable, retains body heat, and is easy to clean. It’s also phthalate-free and latex-free. Wash your STP regularly with mild soap and water, and allow it to air dry. If you’d like to sanitize your silicone STP, you can boil it for a few minutes.

While durable, silicone products can tear, so keep sharp edges away from your STP. When using an STP packer with a harness or packstrap, take care to make sure it doesn’t get cut or damaged by being forced through the opening or hasty zippering!

Have Questions?

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