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Gender Identity Workbook for Kids

Gender Identity Workbook for Kids

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A Guide to Exploring Who You Are

Transgender and gender expansive children need validation and support on their journey of self-discovery. As a parent, you may be wondering how you can empower your child to explore, understand, and embrace their unique gender. Written by a clinical social worker who specializes in supporting gender-diverse youth, this fun and inclusive workbook will provide guidance for you both.

The Gender Identity Workbook for Kids offers age-appropriate activities to help your child navigate their gender at home, with friends, in school, and beyond. You and your child will discover a more expansive way of understanding gender, and gain insight into gender-diverse experiences. You'll also find engaging activities such as "All Kinds of Bodies" and "Being You at School" to help your child explore their identity in a way that celebrates who they are. Let this workbook guide you and your child on this important journey.

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