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Transgender Heroes Colouring Book

Transgender Heroes Colouring Book

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The transgender experience is as old as humanity itself. In different eras and cultures trans people have been exalted as prophets, treated as outcasts, or persecuted by society, but they always endure and make their indispensable contributions to the world. In these pages we can celebrate the lives of trans and gender non-conforming individuals, and their ability to inspire us all.

The Transgender Heroes Colouring Book features 45 illustrations depicting some of the trans community's most notable figures past and present. Drawn by some of the most talented trans+ cartoonists working today, each subject depicted also includes a short biography to pique the reader's interest in these inspiring individuals. From Marsha P. Johnson, heroine of Stonewall, to Elagabalus, the disgrace of the Roman Empire, learn transgender history with your crayons in hand.

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