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Underworks Concealer Chest Binder - 988

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The Concealer binder is a winner because it can be worn as a stand-alone piece of clothing. No need to pile on those layers in the summer! A thick cotton undershirt-style shirt sits over two binding layers of spandex & nylon that runs to the middle of the ribcage. This means binding is localized exclusively to the chest, and doesn't constrict the belly or hips. If you've ever had a binder ride-up or roll-up on you, this binder is your solution! The binding part of this compression tank is stitched right into the tank so it won't move around.

Tank top is cotton/spandex. Binding material is 30% Spandex and 70% Nylon.

Binder Sizing: With arms down on side, take a snug measurement around the fullest part of your chest. All measurements below are in inches.

XS: 28 - 31"
Small: 32 - 35"
Medium: 36 - 39"
Large: 40 - 43"
XL: 44 - 47"
2XL: 48 - 51"
3XL: 52 - 55"

Specifications for Underworks Concealer Chest Binder - 988

Made of Nylon, Spandex
Made in USA

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 54 reviews
Jenny Beaulieu
Great binder!

My nephew loves it, it fits well and it gave him such a confidence boost. Next, we buy a swim top and a half binder!

Gender euphoria

This binds a D chest to that smaller than some cishet mens'. I could not be happier than I am with how well this works. Admittedly the shirt part at my waist does tend to roll up, but I read that the fix is to tuck the whole thing into your pants, so I do that and problem solved.

Grace Boese
Gender Euphoria Unlocked

So, this is my first binder, though its definitely confirmed my gender. I am non-binary, so I switch between masc and femme. However, I am also larger chested, so I never really get the genuine masc feeling I'm looking for. This binder did not completely flatten - nothing but surgery is gonna do that - but it made me look like a buff man after some readjusting. This was a wonderful experience, and the fabric is so soft and comfortable. So yeah, buy it, you're supporting a good company, can pay by e-transfer, and the product is very well made. Tho, getting it on should be considered a sport, and I needed help to get it off, so forewarning.

Jiwon You
would recommend

really great binder that looks good on its own too


Underworks Concealer Chest Binder - 988