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Underworks Econo Top Binder - 943

Underworks Econo Top Binder - 943

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We're in love with this affordable binder made in the USA by the fine folks at Underworks! The shell of this compression shirt is comprised of a single layer of medical-grade 70% nylon and 30% spandex compression material for firm, consistent shaping. Added to this is a front lining of soft 100% cotton for comfort against the skin. Do note that this binder will not constrict or flatten chest tissue as much as other binding options such as the Tri-Top or Cotton Binder Top, due to the single layer of compression material (the other binders mentioned have multiple layers of compressing material). Further, the shorter cut of this binder means that the belly & hips won't be as constricted as they would be with full-length binders. This can be a pro or a con, depending on your preferences!

Binder Sizing: With arms down on side, take a snug measurement around the fullest part of your chest. All measurements below are in inches.

XS: 28 - 31"
Small: 32 - 35"
Medium: 36 - 39"
Large: 40 - 43"
XL: 44 - 47"
2XL: 48 - 51"
3XL: 52 - 55"

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Customer Reviews

Based on 61 reviews
Couldn't be happier

I bought the XS and it fits me perfectly (I'm 5ft, 115lbs). I love the crop top length, it doesn't cover my stomach and also I don't get too hot in summer. It makes my chest look flat and great and I feel extreme euphoria and confidence when I wear the binder. Definitely recommend!

Great binder

Bought the medium and it worked great! Really love the shape is gives my chest. After wearing if for a long period, maybe a little bit of chafing under my armpits but I'm thinking that's just a sizing issue. Could not recommend more!

Good first binder

I bought this a couple years ago and it's a good binder that has served me well, the side seams can get itchy but otherwise is very comfortable.

My favorite binder

I have this in an XL. It's the most comfortable binder I own. I was in between sizes so I sized up and it was a good choice (I don't need to be completely flat but want to be comfortable for all day wear). I have sensitive skin so usually in tight clothes/binders I get inflamed but not with this! 😁 I just wish it came in more colors because sometimes I like to wear it as a crop top

Bought a swimming binder and a normal one

I've been having a lot of binder issues with my old ones so I decided to try some new ones.

I live in a house where I have to live in the closet for my own safety, they let you write shipping notes on the package and I asked for discreet shipping.

It came in a white package that didn't have anything implying they were binders at all inside! They also came in a brown paper to make it more discreet, I couldn't be happier with that!

The binders fit well, and I'm super happy with my purchase! Gendergear offers a lot of great products and I'm personally looking at getting some books and packing items next! I would definitely recommend

I'm a larger person, I've never felt a binder let me breathe so well before, when I put them off I couldn't take it off, the swimming binder also felt very nice!