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Underworks Tri-Top Chest Binder - 983

Underworks Tri-Top Chest Binder - 983

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This binder is a great option for folks (such as trans men, FTMs, gender queer people, and more!) looking for a sturdy binder, as well as a full range of motion. It binds down to the bellybutton, giving awesome chest coverage with three layers of nylon & spandex, while leaving the wearer free to move around. Some folks will take the bottom of the binder and roll it up a bit to avoid compressing the belly- a great compromise between having a flat chest and comfortable body. 

Three powerful layers of medical industry grade 70% nylon and 30% spandex throughout the front, and a single back layer, provide maximum comfortable chest binding.

Binder Sizing: With arms down on side, take a snug measurement around the fullest part of your chest. All measurements below are in inches.

X-small: 28-30
Small: 31-33
Medium: 34-36
Large: 37-40
X-large: 41-44
2X: 45-48
3X: 49-52
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Customer Reviews

Based on 142 reviews
Nit as good as the 375

I ordered a 3xl because I'm 50" but it is way too big and so uncomfortable.
I wear it for an hour and it scratch my arm pit then the bottom constantly roll up 👆 right under my chest.
All of that because there was no 975 model in white left.

Great Experience!

Great support, and hides well under clothing

Vanessa Imeson

Underworks Tri-Top Chest Binder - 983


Very scratchy tighter then the other binders I bought from underworks doesn’t feel good on skin.

Best binder ever!

So, I’ve tried four different brands of binders and while they’re all okay, there were issues with all of them - either they were uncomfortable, or made bulges in weird places, or stretched over time, or started to fall apart fairly quickly after purchase. I have had none of those issues with Underworks. They retain their shape after lots of use (yes, I wear my binders longer than 8 hours a day), they’re easy to clean, they don’t fall apart and they fit really well. Most importantly, they do an amazing job binding my chest (I have a lot of tissue to bind). And they’re made in North America, and they are very reasonably priced - so much more value than the other binders I’ve tried. I love both the long and midriff versions (the long ones have the added bonus of smoothing any rolls or lumpiness out, too!). I just bought 3 more. Go buy these!