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Sex Is A Funny Word

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A Book about Bodies, Feelings, and YOU

As adults who talk to other adults about sex every single day, we find that so much of the sex negativity we encounter - and that we all experience in one form or another - can be traced back to the insufficient, awkward, or downright misleading information we received about sexuality when we were young. We also talk to a lot of parents in our shop and we cannot tell you how impressed we are with how active and interested and responsible so many of you are trying to be with your kids around their sex education. Now, finally, we have a title that actually does justice to your quest for quality information for your children.

Described by Today's Parent as "Our Bodies, Ourselves for kids", Sex is a Funny Word is a profoundly open and honest comprehensive book about bodies and sex presented perfectly appropriately for children from eight to ten years of age. Illustrated by beloved Toronto artist Fiona Smyth, this title is a visual joy for parents and kids alike.

Unlike What Makes a Baby, Sex is a Funny Word is divided into chapters, each dedicated to a particular topic or theme, narrated by Cory, and explored by the book's four kid protagonists for maximum relatability. We found all four kids so relatable that we never could settle on which one we 'liked best' - which is precisely the point.

The second in what will be a trilogy, this series of books is perfectly timed to grow with your kids, and the open and inclusive language and ideas presented in Sex is a Funny Word will help the children in your life the knowledge and empowerment to help counter the barrage of sex negative information they'll inevitably encounter elsewhere.

2016 Winner of the Norma Fleck Award for Canadian Children’s Non-Fiction, 2016 ALA Stonewall Book Award, 2016 ALA Notable Children's Book

By Cory Silverberg, 160 pages, 2015. Published by Seven Stories Press.