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All About Gaffs

What is a Gaff?

A gaff is underwear designed specifically for tucking. Tucking is the practice of arranging and supporting external genitals between the legs via clothing like gaffs. Some women, transfeminine folks and femme-of-centre folks choose to wear a gaff underneath their day-to-day clothing in order to smooth out the appearance of their pelvic area. There are other ways to tuck, such as using sports tape to tape the genitals in place, however, taping can severely restrict easy opportunities to pee!

How to Choose a Gaff

At this time we only carry one gaff that's continually available (the Lace Gaff has been discontinued by our distributor) - so, frankly, there’s not a lot of comparative advice we have to share right now on this topic. However, as with everything, always consider aesthetics, price point, material, and availability when shopping for gender gear!

Our Classic Gaff is a thong-style gaff made of lycra, and is designed with a wider front and gusset, in order to provide extra coverage and support for anyone choosing to tuck.

How to Size a Gaff

Choosing the right size of gaff is similar to choosing the right size of underwear. Measure around the circumference of the waist, just above the hips. Next, check out the sizing chart on the product page for your desired gaff, and see what size category your measurement falls under. This should give you a good idea of the size that is most likely to fit you! Gaffs should be snug & secure, but, without being too tight.

How to Wear a Gaff

Wearing a gaff is a little bit different for each person who chooses to use one. We’ve created some guidelines to help out, but make sure to pay attention to your body’s signs, and do take time out from tucking when possible and as necessary.

First, pass anything you're hoping to tuck between your legs, likely by passing everything between the thighs and possibly up between the buttock cheeks. However, do try different configurations to find what works best for you! After that, put on your gaff, as you would a normal pair of underwear. Ensure that everything feels comfortable and snug, and then continue getting dressed as usual!

In general, the amount of time spent tucking will be different for everyone. It’s worth noting that some folks find that tucking for long periods of time throughout the day can cut off blood circulation. For some people, it can cause skin issues, including irritation from friction, as well as fungal infection. Depending on the method being used, tucking over longer periods of time may result in fertility issues as well.

In order to reduce the risk of adverse effects from tucking, it is best to take breaks whenever possible. We appreciate that for some taking breaks from tucking isn't a safe or preferred decision - however, regularly taking a quick break perhaps while watching a movie, or, while wearing loose clothing can really help the body breathe and keep the skin happy. And, if at all possible, do avoid wearing a gaff during sleep.

Care and Cleaning

Wash your gaff in cold water after each use (either by hand, or machine wash on the gentle cycle). Do not bleach. You’ll also want to hang your gaff to dry, in order to keep it in tip-top shape!

Have Questions?

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