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Packer Gear Boxer Brief Harness

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This is a beautifully versatile packing strap! It features a snug, stretchy (and comfy!) design - great for keeping a packer in place! It has two installed pouches designed to hold one-touch bullets in place. The O-ring can hold packers up to 1.5" wide.

Med/Large fits hips approx. 26" to 36"
Large/XL fits hips approx. 30" to 46"

Specifications for Packer Gear Boxer Brief Harness

Made of Cotton
Made in China
Weight: 84g

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Great for all day wear

I've worn the harness packed for the whole day and it was incredibly comfortable and secure. Can't wait to use it for playing, too!

Bethany Spencer

Packer Gear Boxer Brief Harness

Zabe Eden
Great product

Great product for nestling your packer. I'm usually a M/L, but the waistband was a little tight. It's still wearable though, and if used for pack-and-play you would want it to be a bit tight. It will likely only fit the packer that it was made to pair with as the harness hole is fairly small. I do think the hole is primarily for gender euphoria reasons and less for pack-and-play because of the size and texture of the packer.

Good briefs

They hold things secure and are comfortable. I get really warm wearing them so i do not prefer them.

Didn't work for me!

I bought this pair of boxers with the intention of using it for sex and to pack (with a penis prosthetic) but sadly, these boxers aren't tight enough to hold any of my toys properly.

And I haven't packed with them because if I put the prosthetic (Mr.Limpy and another similar one that's a bit longer) through the hole, it looks too much like a boner in my pants. And if I don't put the prosthetic through the hole, it just ends up falling inside my pants because the inside doesn't have a pouch. There's just 2 little "curtains" on the inside. I guess it's made that way so that if your toy has something to rub or insert your junk in, it would be accessible.... but it's not practical for those using packers.