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Aslan Leather Packing Strap

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You could always use a jock-strap, but why would you? Aslan's packing strap was originally designed to be used with Vixen's Mr Right, but works great with the Mr Limpy and NYTC packers too!

XS: 26" - 30"
Small: 30"- 34"
Medium: 34"- 38"
Large: 38"- 42"
XL: 42" - 46"
XXL: 46" - 50"

Specifications for Aslan Leather Packing Strap

Customer Reviews

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I like this

I like this packing strap, it holds everything in place really well. I used it with the Doc Johnson Pack it Light packer. The only complaint I have is that it came in with a little pull in one of the straps and has been steadily stretching out over the past several days.

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Comfortable, Discreet holds Mr. right.

The ASLAN strap:

holds Mr. right. the ultimate packy is much too floppy and the balls are too small to fit securelly in the ball holder area
is not adjustable
can be water sensitive
Overall 6.5 out of 10
The elastic waist band stretched out really quickly too. I'm not sure how to make it shrink back again.

I use mine with the packman and it fits very well.

I use mine with the packman and it fits very well. The leather on the back is buttery soft and very comfortable. It really needs to be just wiped clean, never get it totally wet, it will ruin the leather and the elastic. Again great stuff from Aslan.

Joey Rogue
This strap is very sturdy, well made.

This strap is very sturdy, well made, however I don't agree with "works well with the cyberskin packers too!" I have one and it does not stay very well, flops out. The cyberskin needs to be bulkier in the sac. or you have to go with the designed-to-be-used-with Mr. Perfect.

I really like it. It's sturdy and for the most part keeps everything in place

I really like it. It's sturdy and for the most part keeps everything in place. Like the reviewer above me said, my cyberskin flops around and shifts. Not to the point of it falling out, but occasionally I need to pull it back down. There should be a strap for near the top so there's no gap between the packer and the strap.