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Binding Tape

Binding Tape

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Many people have turned to “trans tape” and “tucking tape” as cost effective ways of binding and tucking. We advise caution when applying adhesives and tape to the body as overuse and unsafe removal techniques can easily result in abrasions and damage to the skin. However, when used and removed according to the manufacturers’ instructions, these tapes can be a great option for anyone looking for an alternative binders and gaffs.

Made of 95% cotton and 5% spandex, chest binding tape is totally waterproof and sweat-proof to make it ideal for all-day wear, swimming and more! The acrylic-based adhesive on the sticky side is advertised as "hypoallergenic", but the makers advise doing a simple 24h spot test before applying larger sections of the tape.

This binding tape measures 198" long by 4" high and is great for folks with bigger chests. Trans tape can be used for binding or tucking and users should take care to cover nipples/urethral opening before applying the tape. Tape should only be removed once saturated with oil to prevent abrasion. 


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