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Classic Gaff Thong Panty

Classic Gaff Thong Panty

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Finding clothing that is sexy and supportive is no easy task. Doubly so when we're talking lingerie. This Canadian made thong-style gaff has been made out of lycra with a wider front to provide extra coverage and support for all those looking to tuck- whether you identify as trans, genderqueer, MTF, a drag queen or panty aficionado, we've got just the panty for you!

Measurement at hip:
Small: 28-30"
Medium: 32-34"
Large: 36-38"
XL: 38-42"

Check out Origami Customs for cheeky and hipster options.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Good gaff, but a bit short on coverage

I know this is a thong gaff, but I found it didn't have quite enough side-to-side coverage. Maybe my inguinal canals are abnormally far apart? Great pressure, though, even when doing roller derby!

Jennifer Perron

Seriously i was not sure in the beggining if it was going to reduce my disphoria. It took me a few days to get used to it but honestly i should have ordered one wwaaayyy before. I am a trans woman and now i can wear every single bottom piece that i want and even a bikini so thank you very much for your work and your inclusivity.i was depresed and not feeling good in my body before but now i feel a little bit better and i feel sexy for the first time of my life. keep going because you literaly save lifes. I will buy more soon

Candi Strutts
Lacking experience grateful for product and knowledge

This was a learning experience for me. I am grateful for details on your website on how to use the product. When I received the product I was happy with the construction/quality and followed the instructions the best I could. I am so thrilled with how this meets my needs. Thank you I will be purchasing more.

Addy Struthers

Classic Gaff Thong Panty

Phoebe Charlebois
Classic Gaff Thong Panty

It's amazing! I wish I had dozens of these.Makes it much easier than using tape.