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Form Function Llc

Form Function D Uncut STP

Form Function D Uncut STP

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Form Function's handmade products feature a flexible but sturdy design, and have impressed us with their user-friendliness. That being said, we would still strongly suggest practicing peeing with a STP before using away from safer spaces, since having an unruly urinating prosthetic can be a severe safety issue.

The Model D Sport features a more compact design when compared to the Model A - although their reservoirs appear to be the same. Designed to be worn with the Form Function Slingshot Harness, this packer fits up snugly against the urethral area for the purposes of peeing while standing. Made of silicone

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Customer Reviews

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Works perfect and comfortable

With the Form Function Slingshot STP Harness it felt comfortable and fit perfectly. I experienced no leaks even the first time I used it, and it feels and looks very good quality.

Alphonse D.
Overall pretty satisfied


- Perfect size, just big enough to be noticable but doesn't draw attention to itself

- Fits comfortably in the Form Function Slingshot Harness - can also be worn in tight-fitting boxer briefs (though I wouldn't try peeing through it like that)

- Material feels high-quality and is easy to clean

- Pee hole is quite large, allowing for a steady stream

- Looks fairly realistic from a distance


- Peeing through it can be tricky, expect spills and leaking at first

- Picks up a bit of a smell over time, though not too intrusive - I've been cleaning with warm soapy water and an anti-bacterial sex toy cleaner, I haven't tried disinfecting in boiling water yet.

This is my first stp packer and my first packer in general so I don't have much to compare it to, but I'm happy with the product and think its worth the price.