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IntimateRose Vibrating Pelvic Wand

IntimateRose Vibrating Pelvic Wand

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Silky and smooth, the IntimateRose Vibrating Pelvic Wand is a uniquely designed pelvic wand. Coated in a body-safe, medical-grade silicone, this wand was created by a pelvic physical therapist to relieve trigger points in the pelvic floor muscles, including the most deep and hard to reach obturator internus and puborectalis muscles. 

With a unique vibrating function, the IntimateRose Vibrating Pelvic Wand provides ten distinct vibration modes to help further relax muscles and reduce pelvic pain.

With the same tip design and measurements of the classic (but discontinued) Therawand and Pelviwand, the IntimateRose Vibrating Pelvic Wand is a vast improvement over the previous pelvic wands on the market. The silicone exterior is more comfortable to use and easier to grip than previous hard plastic incarnations.

Both sides of this pelvic wand are designed to be used - the thicker end is intended for muscles deeper in the vagina, while the smaller end can be used for shallower muscles or anal muscle pain relief.

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