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NYTC Trans Masc Deluxe Pump

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Designed by and for queer, transmasculine, and non binary bodies, the Trans Masc Deluxe Pump increases sensation and stimulation to the genitals. New York Toy Collective spent months creating this unique wide flanged cylinder designed for comfort and long term use. It was essential that the product be usable with for many body types and with a single hand. The result was a custom translucent cylinder a two part pump with quick release that is shockingly comfortable to use.

Inside the box of the Trans Masc Deluxe Pump you will find one translucent cylinder, a pump, tubing and an optional ruler decal to track erections or growth. New York Toy Collective did not incorporate the ruler as a permanently embossed feature on the cylinder because they know not everyone wants to measure their growth or see the measurement every time they pump... We really value this philosophy!!

The cylinders have a wide flange for comfortable use - the wider flange helps distribute the pressure across more surface area and eliminate any pinching or biting sensation as suction is applied, unlike nipple pumps that have virtually no flange. The kit comes with everything you need and works right out of the box.

We suggest using a lubricant with the pump to increase blood flow and reduce friction. Apply a thin layer of lubricant to the flange, and especially if your genitals are large enough to fill the cylinder when pumping, you may want to lubricate your anatomy. That said, applying lubricant on genitals when using the pump is optional.

Learn more about pumping here!

The Trans Masc Deluxe Pump kit includes 2" x 1" cylinder, 3" x 1.25" cylinder, 4" x 1.25" cylinder, and one pump with a release valve.


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Customer Reviews

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Desmond Tompkins
Doesn’t Suction

I was excited to get this pump however the suction is very weak and does not create a seal, meaning that you cannot pump. It’s unfortunate that Gender Gear is selling this faulty product.

Rebecca Brown
Can't Recommend

Unfortunately, I can't recommend this - after a handful of uses it just stopped working. For whatever reason the pumping bit stopped being "pumpable" and no number of adjustments helped.

Hello, we're sorry to hear your product has been faulty! We do have a one year warranty on our products, so please contact us at and we can help fix this for you.

Gage Roberts
Ok-but kind of annoying

This is the first pump I’ve used so I have nothing to compare this one with but I find getting a good seal difficult and it looses pressure so you have to intermittently pump again to create more suction. It does the job though and is much cheaper than LA Pumps which is why I went for it. In retrospect I think I wouldn’t go for the Delux one and just get the regular one. The smaller tube is too small and the longer one feels a bit pointless to me but depends on yr size I guess!

love it!

I've tried the fancy pumps with the red handles and gauge, but honestly I like this one better. I find this easy enough to use on my own (they all take some lube and fiddling to line up right) and I love the results. Pumping makes my bits extra responsive, and (of course) a lot bigger. Good quality, and lots of fun solo or partnered.

Brieal Moireabh-Tetlock
Not for me, unfortunately!

I've had this set for about a month at time of review. The pump itself works great, but the release valve cap was broken on arrival and I had to super glue it back on. (I didn't reach out to customer service because it took 2 seconds to fix, but it was still annoying.) The cylinders are great quality and I like that the measuring tape was optional, but they're just impossible for me to use. I usually can't get a good suction going, and the couple of times I have gotten suction the flange has pinched and bruised. As a fat person/someone with larger labia I think even a slightly smaller flange on the cylinders would make the set useable for me, but as it stands I'm going to have to find replacements or purchase a different pumping system entirely. If your anatomy allows for it I still think this would be a great set for the price! I have other NYTC items in my collection and will definitely buy their products again, this one just didn't work out for me.