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NYTC Trans Masc Deluxe Pump

NYTC Trans Masc Deluxe Pump

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Designed by and for queer, transmasculine, and non binary bodies, the Trans Masc Deluxe Pump increases sensation and stimulation to the genitals. New York Toy Collective spent months creating this unique wide flanged cylinder designed for comfort and long term use. It was essential that the product be usable with for many body types and with a single hand. The result was a custom translucent cylinder a two part pump with quick release that is shockingly comfortable to use.

Inside the box of the Trans Masc Deluxe Pump you will find one translucent cylinder, a pump, tubing and an optional ruler decal to track erections or growth. New York Toy Collective did not incorporate the ruler as a permanently embossed feature on the cylinder because they know not everyone wants to measure their growth or see the measurement every time they pump... We really value this philosophy!!

The cylinders have a wide flange for comfortable use - the wider flange helps distribute the pressure across more surface area and eliminate any pinching or biting sensation as suction is applied, unlike nipple pumps that have virtually no flange. The kit comes with everything you need and works right out of the box.

We suggest using a lubricant with the pump to increase blood flow and reduce friction. Apply a thin layer of lubricant to the flange, and especially if your genitals are large enough to fill the cylinder when pumping, you may want to lubricate your anatomy. That said, applying lubricant on genitals when using the pump is optional.

Learn more about pumping here!

The Trans Masc Deluxe Pump kit includes 2" x 1" cylinder, 3" x 1.25" cylinder, 4" x 1.25" cylinder, and one pump with a release valve.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Easy to use!

I was scared to use this at first but it was really easy. It's fun to use and fun to watch it pump!

Love this thing!

Easy to get a good seal once I moved some stuff out of the way lol. The gender euphoria is real :) I love that it has measurement stickers you can put on the tubes! I also like the the handle on it, it’s easy to use & easy to move out of the way so that it doesn’t get lube on it.

I was expecting to have some issues with losing pressure or not being able to get a seal based on other reviews, but thankfully I’ve had no issues so far. I’ve only used the smaller two cylinders and not the biggest one though, so I’m not sure if problems will arise with that one.

My ONLY complaint with this thing is that the wide flange on the cylinders is a little too wide for my body. I have to move part of my junk out of the way and it really digs into my skin. Not bad enough to stop me from using the pump but it gets uncomfortable after a little while.

So happy I found it in store too!

I love this product and my partner was drooling as she watched (sorry to over share). Was a boost for my confidence!! I also feel so seen and cared for, knowing that I can just walk into the store and find such products to affirm my gender. Usually I expect to spend a lot and wait ages for international shipping for trans affirming stuff.

It's Great!

As a trans man on HRT, this was my first time using a pump. I've never had bottom dysphoria, but this toy gave me euphoria I didn't know I needed. It took some time getting used to, but after much experience now, I love it! As someone else noted, the cap on the release valve fell off for me as well the first time I used it, but fortunately, it's not a big deal. It doesn't affect suction in any way.

taleah skogen

didn't work, fresh out of box and had no suction/couldn't keep any suction

Please do get in touch with us! We do offer a warranty on everything we stock :)