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Packer Gear Silicone Packer

Regular price $28.00

We've fallen head-over-heels in love with this affordable line of packers and packing straps from Cal Exotics. This packer is super soft and pliable, hyper-realistic, and made of silicone to boot! Compatible with Packer Gear and other packing straps, we're so happy to have another great boil-able, non-porous packing option.

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Ze McDaniel

Packer Gear Silicone Packer

Lysander D
Worth a try if you're curious!

I'd long wondered about whether I would enjoy packing, but never went ahead with trying it until now. It's not the most realistic, but that's to be expected for the price. It's comfortable to wear, and the feeling of having a bulge is even more welcome than I thought it would be. I'm glad I ordered this, and recommend it for those looking for a low-cost experimental packer.

Alex O'Neill
great packer for the price

Bought this along with 2 other lowish price 4"ish packers as my firsts and this has been one of my favourites. I wear it loose in boxer briefs and it generally stays in place. It is on the firm side so more noticeable and not flexible to change its position. After a few months it is peeling a bit around the balls and cracked under the shaft/ between the balls, but still in decent shape. I am happy with it and ordering a replacement.


what an awesome packer, it's my first, it's real looking with some nice details and great for the price, not too big not too small just right. Paired it up with my favroute packing underwear and then i was set. Quite comfortable and squishy, not too sticky :)

Packing is good

I love this packer! I feel so affirmed wearing it!