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Packer Gear Silicone Packer Medium

Packer Gear Silicone Packer Medium

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These super affordable silicone packers come in two sizes and four realistic colours to suit you and your body just right. The Packer Gear Silicone Packer Medium is a substantial packer and it is super affordable too! 

Compatible with all of the Packer Gear packing straps and boxers, the Packer Gear Silicone Packer Medium is also compatible with all of our packing straps (except Form Function and NYTC) and works great with SpareParts harnesses too.

Made of super soft silicone, the Packer Gear Silicone Packer Medium is durable and easy to wash. Dust lightly with cornstarch to keep the soft, velvety feel.

Looking for a more significant bulge? Check out the Packer Gear Silicone Packer Large

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Customer Reviews

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Packer Gear Silicone Packer

Good starter

Packer Gear Silicone Packer

Amazing but a bit too big for me

This is my first packer and it’s amazing! I’m using the cake bandit monochrome harness to keep it in place and it works ok but truthfully I think it’s a bit too long for the harness so it sits right under everything, when I’m not using the harness it works really well!!

Sticky but a good starter

I was thrilled to find a fully silicone packer because elastomer tends to squick me out! The size is good and it has a good weight to it. My only critique is that it is QUITE sticky - I did have to double check if it was silicone because even after washing it collects lint and can feel a little odd to touch. Good for the price but it may need some cornstarch to feel a little more comfortable

Worth a try if you're curious!

I'd long wondered about whether I would enjoy packing, but never went ahead with trying it until now. It's not the most realistic, but that's to be expected for the price. It's comfortable to wear, and the feeling of having a bulge is even more welcome than I thought it would be. I'm glad I ordered this, and recommend it for those looking for a low-cost experimental packer.