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Shotpocket Silicone Pleasure Sleeve

Shotpocket Silicone Pleasure Sleeve

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Finally, a Pleasure Sleeve made for trans guys, and it's 100% silicone! This sleeve is designed for trans men and transmasculine folk who have been on testosterone and experienced some growth downstairs. To use, make sure to place a bit of lubricant into the sleeve. The Shot pocket will create a suction, and with a ribbed core, it feels pretty freaking awesome! Great for solo or couple play. This sleeve is made from medical grade platinum silicone, making it non-porous, none toxic and body safe.

Interested in a more realistic look? Check out the PeenPocket!
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Customer Reviews

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Was skeptical at first as I'm on the smaller end after a year on T. I'm probably about an inch or so but all I had to do was squeeze to get some suction and it stuck on! Even if I can't reach the ridges the suction felt great.

Fun little toy!

I was only on t for a short while, so I didn't see much bottom growth, but I still enjoy this stroker as a suction toy! With a drop of lube, you can anchor it to your clit or nips and have a wonderful mechanism for teasing. If you don't have enough growth to use it like a proper stroker I recommend using a finger to gently push in and stroke yourself that way -- it varies the suction and creates a really fun sensation! Plus after you take it off the tissue is all puffy and oversensitive, which can make for some really fun sessions. :) It's become an indispensable little tease mechanism for me! Don't worry about it if you don't have a lot of growth, for the price you really can't go wrong with this thing!

Better than anticipated

I was hesitant on this but I usually prefer vibe toys but this is my new favourite! It’s a good fit for the growth from T and super affirming! I feel like I can use the same motion as a cis man, which I can’t get from other toys!

A super great starter stroker

NOT TO COMPARE but I used this about 1000x more than the buck angel line. The silicone is good quality, the texture on the inside is nice, and you can get it to suction onto your bits really well. It's a super adorable and discreet toy that I highly recommend to anybody with an inch or two of bottom growth. The suction is GREAT. My partner has a little trickier of a time using it so there is a learning curve, but it's such a great toy that I can fully recommend. You can't beat the price, either!

Great inexpensive stroker

This stroker was a great addition to my collection. it has great suction and feels wonderful, but is a bit small if you have a lot of growth