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Shotpocket Silicone Pleasure Sleeve

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Finally, a Pleasure Sleeve made for trans guys, and it's 100% silicone! This sleeve is designed for trans men and transmasculine folk who have been on testosterone and experienced some growth downstairs. To use, make sure to place a bit of lubricant into the sleeve. The Shot pocket will create a suction, and with a ribbed core, it feels pretty freaking awesome! Great for solo or couple play. This sleeve is made from medical grade platinum silicone, making it non-porous, none toxic and body safe.

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Customer Reviews

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Alistair Kitts
Great with practice

I got this toy because I was seeking the sensation of penetration and stroking. When I first got it I was on a lower T dose and hadn't had as much growth as I have now. I've also been using suction as a semi-regular part of my rotation. It definitely helps ,as does lots of lube. Now that I've got the hang of it, I can stroke and grind and it feels great! It's a fun basic toy and is easy to clean. I'm currently seeking something similar with more texture on the inside, but I'm sure this will stay in my drawer for regular use either way.

Rachel G

This stroker was a perfect fit for my partner, whom has had some welcomed bottom growth due to HRT (4 months on testosterone). Material is ultra soft and requires just a drop of lube to get great suction. Fun solo and easy to use together. 10/10 and so glad to find a product made for him as we both explore this next chapter.


I had high hopes for this stroker, unfortunately there are much better ones out there. The “ridges” are huge and don’t really do a whole lot in the stimulation department. The stroker itself has great suction, but that’s about all that can be said about the pros of this unit.

Alex Allen
Has a learning curve, but is now my go to.

After trying over 11 toys, I bought this little thing, because nothing worked. After l learned how to use it, I can't use anything else. Also, it is discreet and inexpensive. You do need a fair bit of lube (I like sliquid H20).


So based, swear I saw god. Take my word. (Also so squishy). More seriously, I’ve only been on T for 3 months and it works great even if you’re on the smaller side.