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Transitions Of The Heart

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Stories of Love, Struggle and Acceptance by Mothers of Transgender and Gender Variant Children

A heart-touching anthology from the amazing moms of trans and gender variant folk, these mothers spill-out their souls, worries, regrets, bravery and journey as they embraced their awesome children with their various and glorious norm-defying genders. From 3 year old gender-variant kids, to adults coming to terms with their gender in their late 30s, this peice of work demonstrates mothers bravery in dealing with friends, family, school teachers and medical practitioners as they advocate and help their children navigate an often misunderstanding world. This book is for all those great moms who walk into our store, purchase online, or call over the phone, searching for binders, packers, books, info, community and toys for their trans children.

By Rachel Pepper, 196 pages, 2012. Published by Cleis Press.