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Unclockable Tuck Kit

Unclockable Tuck Kit

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The Unclockable Tuck Kit helps keep everything stay securely & comfortably tucked flat for up to ten hours. Unlike gauze, this non-stick sanitary pad ensures completely flat re-application after using the restroom.

Each single-use strip is designed for incredible comfort with a strong but gentle hold, and easy removal for as many as two bathroom breaks per wear. Stays tucked through yoga, swim, and intense exercise too.

The Unclockable Tuck Kit is produced an FDA-registered facility. This ensures that every individually packaged single-use T-Tape strip is sterile and sanitary. Each Kit comes with cotton non-stick pads, and an illustrated how-to guide

Breathable, sustainably sourced natural fibers of cotton and rayon in a moisture-wicking knit keep you dry and comfortable. Contours to your body, and then stays for up to 10 hours

Made with a specially formulated hypoallergenic acrylic adhesive which is gentle, latex-free, and pain-free to remove too! 

Each tape measures 7.5" x 11" but stretches up to 21".

Pack of two.

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