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Underworks Post-Surgical Chest Binder

Underworks Post-Surgical Chest Binder

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Specially designed for post-surgical binding after top surgery, this Post Surgical Chest Binder has a velcro enclosure for ease of application and removal.

While many surgeons provide a post-surgical binder, this elasticized binder is great for anyone who needs one and anyone who'd like a spare binder on-hand after surgery.

While often marketed as an abdominal binder, this compression garment works great for anyone recovering from top surgery. The additional padding around the front of the binder makes this one of the most comfortable post surgical binders we've ever encountered.

To prevent the binder from slipping down when standing or walking, some surgeons have been known to safety pin cotton straps in place to sit over the shoulders.

Measurements (most narrow part of chest)

Small: 26"-36"
Medium: 38"-46"
Large: 48"-54"

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