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Underworks Swim Top Binder - 918

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Not only does Underworks make binders for FTM, trans, and genderqueer folks looking to change the line of their chests, but they also make binding swimwear, which after many requests we've decided to pick up for beach season! This swim top is sleeveless, all black, and has a zipper running up the top few inches of the binder.

Binder Sizing: With arms down on side, take a snug measurement around the fullest part of your chest. All measurements below are in inches.

XS: 28 - 31"
Small: 32 - 35"
Medium: 36 - 39"
Large: 40 - 43"
XL: 44 - 47"
2XL: 48 - 51"
3XL: 52 - 55"

Specifications for Underworks Swim Top Binder - 918

Made of Nylon, Spandex
Made in Nylon, Spandex

Customer Reviews

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Jason Campbell
"I guess 5.."

My kid received the binder quickly and said it fit "just fine". No issues, great product, 5 out of 5.

Rein A
Works well, shows a bit of chest though.

It shows a tiny bit of chest, but I'm a DD cup and was expecting that. Flatted out my chest well and made the curve look more masculine. Putting it on was easy, and quick, I could do it myself thankfully. Taking off took a little more effort, almost had to get help from a friend but with a little effort, I got out of it alone.

Didn't hinder my swimming at all, looks just like an average swim top. I've only used it once for two hours but it hasn't bleached at all,

Kal Hardy
Saved my life

I got this binder when I was like 12 (17now). it saved my life, and made me cofterable to go outside.
I much prefer the full torso length cause it doesn't ride up or leave a red line across ur lower rib cage.
instead if u need to fix it, just gotta pull it down at the hips. it just looks like your fixing ur pants or somthing.
plus this one is water proof, so swimming! I wore this and and a half one for about 3 years until I got top surgery. hand washed it every week with cold soapy water and let air dry.
when I was finished with it, it only had two small holes near the seams, and I was able to give it away.
10/10 best binder out there, and I believe the only swim binder that I know of.